Does your partner have a cheating heart? -

Does your partner have a cheating heart?

More than half of married men admit to cheating. But it's not just husbands who are unfaithful -- almost as many married women confess to committing adultery. Our communications coach, Marcia Brandwynne, has some advice for anyone who has a nagging feeling that their lover is a cheater.

You can't go through the supermarket checkout without seeing a magazine or tabloid exposing the latest celebrity cheating scandal. But infidelity is not reserved only for the rich and famous. It's now believed that one spouse in nearly half of all marriages has cheated on the other. If you're not having an affair, there's a good chance your partner is.

So what are the clues?

"You need to evaluate your sex life," says Brandwynne. "If your partner has lost interest in being intimate with you, it's likely he or she is interested in someone else. It's not always the case, but you may have a good reason to be suspicious."

Sometimes our gut tells us what our brain doesn't know. If you, for whatever reason, suspect your partner is cheating, the best thing you could do is get it out in the open. Don't confront your partner with rage and fury. Simply ask the question: "Are you seeing someone else?" Their response will tell you a lot.

"If they are having an affair, it doesn't have to lead to divorce. You could look at it as an opportunity to fix what's gone wrong," Brandwynne says. "If you're willing to be honest and work on your relationship, your marriage can improve and last the lifetime it was meant to."

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