Kids with ADHD have trouble crossing streets -

Study shows kids with ADHD have trouble crossing streets

"Look both ways before crossing the street!"

That familiar advice might keep most children safe - but not those with ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. A recent study showed these kids have trouble safely crossing streets because of how their brains function.

"The way that they assess the situation tends to be the same, but the decisions they make are different. So, they tend to cross the street at times that are less safe than other children," explains Dr. Kate Eshleman of the Cleveland Clinic.

According to the study, ADHD kids did not judge timing very well. They chose to cross when there were smaller gaps in traffic. And because they're often less inhibited and easily distracted, a combination of these factors is thought to be the cause of them having more close calls with cars. 

So how can families prevent injuries?

Dr. Eshleman says safe-crossing techniques can start at home. Specifically with kids that have ADHD, talking with them about what they see in the situation and how to interpret those cues to make a better decision and to make sure they have enough time to cross the street.

Parents can help kids practice their timing by standing on the curb with them and asking them when they think it's safe to cross. Practice will hopefully make perfect -- ensuring these kids will acquire better decision-making habits, making them safer on the streets. 

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