Cutting out the fat in your foods -

Cut out the fat in your foods

Let's talk about fat. Not the kind you want to lose, but the stuff that's in your foods! Some is good, some is bad--so how do you tell the difference? Our food pro, Devin Alexander, has some easy trade tips to help you cut through the confusion.

"It's no surprise that a trip to the grocery store can be really overwhelming. All those labels, reduced fat, light, fat free, what do they all mean? Who knows what you're supposed to buy? Well, actually each of those terms are regulated by the FDA. So it's really easy once you know how to read the labels," explains Devin.

Fat Free means a product has a half-gram of fat or less per serving. Low Fat means a product has three grams or less per serving.  Light means 50 percent less fat than the original version -- but you have to be careful that it's not spelled Lite. That isn't regulated by the FDA at all! Then you have reduced fat. That is 25 percent less fat than the original version or 25 percent less calories.

Now in the case of the light and the reduced fat, make sure that you read the label, because you don't know how many grams of fat the original had to begin with," Devin says. "It could've been really high in fat, or not so high in fat. So really check those labels carefully."

Now that you know what all these labels mean, you can cut through the fat and get the products that are best for you!

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