Inflatable evacuation device saves lives in an emergency -

Inflatable evacuation device saves lives in an emergency

Entrepreneurs John Keesaer and Paul Kimbel designed and manufactured the first prototypes of the Evacupod in Louisville, Ky. – but with its immense life-saving potential, the unique evacuation device is rapidly gaining interest around the globe.

"It addresses all the needs for evacuation," says Kimbel. "All you have to do is pull that handle right there, and this thing is going to rapidly inflate."

Available in a compact version, the device can be mounted near stairwells for easy access in any hospital or office building. It can also be housed within hospital beds and bed overlays.

The system is designed to prevent confusion in a chaotic emergency situation.

"Anytime the elevators are out and you need to get somebody down the stairs, that's where our product really falls into play," explains Keesaer.

The Evacupod conforms to the body, protecting it and forming a shape that is easy to maneuver. Keesaer says it's the best system out there with the ability to get injured people or patients out of a facility quickly and safely.

Although it may look like a cot, the Evacupod is really a stretcher that also floats. Oaklawn Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Louisville was one of the first facilities to purchase the Evacupod.

"It's just kind of an insurance policy, if you will," says Chip Connor. "We are preparing our facilities for something we hope not to happen. But in the event that it does, [this product] helps to save lives. We do want to have that success story behind us, that says our devices help to save lives. We're blessed to have a product that can do that."

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