Are you living in a sexless marriage? -

Are you living in a sexless marriage?

A recent survey indicates that sexless marriages are on the rise. A "sexless marriage" is defined as having sex 10 times or less a year.

Does that sound like you and your spouse? Our communications coach, Dr. Marcia Brandwynne, shares some tips on getting your love life back on track.

"There are several reasons couples stop having sex, but the root cause is usually the same. And that reason is the loss of emotional intimacy," explains Dr. Marcia.

She says the first thing is for you and your partner to reconnect on a deeper and more personal level. That means talking to each other.... really talking. You need to start openly sharing your feelings.

"Remember, the two of you are a team," says Dr. Marcia. "When one of you feels sad, or scared or hurt, you need to talk about it with one another."

It's important to make time to talk about the day. Be interested in what's going on with each other outside of your relationship. Other people find you interesting as individuals, so try to see each other the same way.

"Don't forget to celebrate the good things in your relationship," she continues. "Too often we dwell on the negatives without giving the positives their due. Take the time to think about how much your partner means to you and then tell them how you feel. If you revive the emotional intimacy in your marriage, romance will naturally follow."

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