Using child safety seats properly can save lives -

How using child safety seats properly saves lives

Every day across America, children get buckled into car safety seats. But a new study found that 84-percent of child vehicle restraints are misused. Here's what you need to know to prevent a tragedy on the road.

Child safety seats can save a life. But in the largest study of its kind, "Safe Kids USA" finds many parents are failing, putting children in the wrong seats and simply not using one of the most critical safety components.

"We found that about less than a third of families who could be using a top tether were actually using it", said Lorrie Walker. That's referring to a strap that clips to a piece of steel in your car.

Sharon Rengers is a safety expert and says this can save your child's life. "Most of the time they don't even know there's a tether. The tether is very important when they're forward facing because it prevents about six inches of forward movement of the seat."

Preventing little heads from hitting something else in the vehicle.  But remember don't turn that seat forward until the child is 2.  

They are relying on their parents and their caregivers to make the right decisions for them. And for the older child, misuses are just as critical

Walker adds, "We know that the adult seat belt doesn't fit until they're about 4'9" tall and weigh between 80 and 100 pounds."

That's according to new recommendations, so some kids could be 11 or 12 and still be riding in a booster seat.

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