Seniors take to riding in sidecars -

Seniors in sidecars

A South Carolina man is sharing his passion for motorcycles with some folks that could use a little wind in their hair. They're not your average riders, but Bernie Shankman isn't your average biker.

Retirement community activities are usually of the more relaxing variety, a game of Boggle or maybe water aerobics. "This is one of those special things that doesn't come along every day," said Sherry.
This is a little different. With the help of a sidecar, the women of Still Hopes got a ticket to ride free of charge, regardless of age, from a guy that knows something about defying the years.

Bernie Shankman, at 88, is older than some of his passengers. He was riding cross-country before interstates, and didn't stop for a hip replacement or a world war. "It's out of enjoyment to give the older people a treat," he said.
One by one, the open road excitement gets passed on to folks who've never experienced it. "It's awesome. They look around, they see the scenery, they say how pretty it is in here, they talk to me," said Shankman.

"It was great! The road that we went on, people were looking and saying 'what is that woman doing!'" exclaimed Maryanne Major.

"It really feels good to help the people and get a smile on their face," said Shankman. "They appreciate it, and I appreciate doing it for them."

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