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Middle school student creates app for education

No one will ever underestimate 13-year-old Ozair Patel again.

At such a young age, the Berry Middle School student from the Birmingham, Ala. area created an app for the iPhone and iPad to make life simpler for him and his classmates.

 "I've seen him with diapers and on the PC, so it doesn't surprise me that he has a passion towards the computers and electronics," says his mother, Tan Veer Patel.

"Let's say you have a bad grade in social studies and there is a test coming up and you don't know when the progress report is coming out," Ozair explains. "Click on September. So you know the 15th is the progress report, so you know you have to ace this test."

Ozair designed Berry School Mate as an organizer, putting the school calendar, teachers and personnel email addresses and phone numbers right at your fingertips.

If he has a question for his language arts teacher, he can send it directly to her email address.

And it costs nothing.

"It's free right now," Ozair says. "I put ads on there and around the world, people are downloading and not even in the USA, but like China and even the UK asked me, ‘Can you create an app for our school?'"

Ozair says his computer technology teacher Angela Mangina sparked it all by telling her students about an article she had read about another teen who created an app. That was all Ozair needed to hear before enlisting help from his dad.

"He always helps me, but he doesn't help in the way that I don't know how to do anything," Ozair explains. "He only guides me through everything and I have to learn it myself."

"My husband is a CTO [chief technology officer] for a technology company and I myself have an international company in technology and am an entrepreneur myself, so what we really like to do is nurture the entrepreneurial spirit in him," Ozair's mother adds. "That starts from home."

Mom and Dad make great role models, but Ozair also has his eye on the famous internet entrepreneur who helped create Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg.

"When I was really young, I knew about Mark Zuckerberg and how he was the youngest billionaire," says Ozair. "And now I want to beat him! I want to be the youngest billionaire."

Every time someone downloads Berry School Mate and clicks on the ads, the money adds up for Ozair. But for now, he's decided to give that money back to his school.

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