How to increase your allure with eye liner -

How to increase your allure with eye liner

Cleopatra knew how to use eyeliner to create a sexy and alluring look 2,000 years ago. Yet few women know how to apply it correctly today… without looking like we have a couple of black eyes, that is. Our beauty expert, Jessica Metivier de-mystifies the process once and for all.

"An upturned end on your eyeliner is classic and chic," says Jessica. "It's the perfect way to add a little drama to your everyday look."

Years before Jessica perfected her craft as a Hollywood-based make-up artist, she practiced putting make-up on her family, even though she was just a kid herself. Her younger sister was often a prime target.

"My poor little sister Zena, I would experiment on her," says Jessica. "When she was two I would put eye-liner on her, and she had to go to the ER because her eyes swelled shut. It's taken many free make-up applications, but she's forgiven me, I think."

Those sexy cat eyes you see in all of the magazines are easy to achieve. Just keep practicing!

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