Getting creative with your curling iron -

Getting creative with your curling iron

Ever wonder how some women get those soft, loose, wavy "beach curls?" Chances are they weren't born with those bouncy waves, and they didn't spend the day at the beach, either. Jessica Metivier shares some very effective ways to use a curling iron for that look that will last all day long!

"Getting the right look from a curling iron can be tricky. Tight 'Shirley Temple ringlets' are a thing of the past and if you know how to use your curling iron to create those loose, beachy waves you'll always have what it takes to be your own hair stylist," says Jessica.

Creating loose, beachy curls are much easier than you think…and you probably already have all of the tools you need! Hair that's a day or two dirty tends to work best for this style, because it holds a curl a little better and gives you more texture than squeaky-clean hair would.

Starting with the back of the hair, take two to three-inch sections and instead of using the inside of the curling iron, you will wrap the hair around the outside of the barrel. Next, angle the curling iron down, and start about two inches away from the root. Wrap the hair all the way to the ends, and hold in place for five to 10 seconds. Continue to work in sections until only the front sections are left.

"You don't want the curl coming towards your face," explains Jessica. "You want it away from your face – a lot more modern, and it's going to open up that pretty face of yours."

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