Apps that drain your batteries -

Apps that drain your batteries

We all want the latest and greatest gizmos and gadgets.

The advancement of smart phones now gives us an unlimited amount of tools at the touch of a button. But those apps are also appetizing to most batteries.

We went straight to a mobile phone expert to find exactly how to get the most boom out of your battery. We also wanted to learn what accessories are aiding your phone's failure.

The first thing Best Buy's Kelley DeMott said to do is download a task-killing app. She recommended Advanced Task Killer.

Never heard of it before? Advanced Task Killer is a popular application available in most smart phone app markets. It's a free tool that shuts down any program that might be running in a phone's background.

"Especially with Twitter and Facebook, even when you're not actively reading the most recent posts, your phone is still retrieving those posts," said DeMott.

The other immediate change DeMott suggested making was turning off three of the main features on most smart phones: WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS programs. They're the most common battery breakers, but they're not hard to switch off. One touch on most screens, and they'll go from draining to dormant.

According to DeMott, the easiest way to maintain your battery life is purchasing a new car or wall charger. It's not the cheapest solution, but it's the sure way to guarantee you don't run out of juice.

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