Good dental hygiene for dogs -

Good dental hygiene for dogs

You probably brush your teeth at least twice a day. But how often do you brush your dog's teeth? If you're like most people, you don't. Well, our pet pro Luciano Aguilar says it's easier than you think and is here to show you how!

"Does someone you love have stinky breath?" asks Luciano. "Of course, I'm talking about your dog. And chances are, he does. Just like humans, a dog's teeth should be brushed regularly to not only reduce bad breath, but to prevent dental problems as well. It's not that hard to do and can save you from doggy dentist bills down the line."

Dogs don't get cavities, but plaque and tartar are often a problem. And that can lead to periodontal disease, which can create more serious medical conditions. So it's important to keep your dog's teeth nice and clean.

"I've never met a dog who likes to just open up his mouth and have his teeth brushed," says Luciano. "Working around your dog's mouth will frustrate him and he could nip at you, so be careful. I recommend exercising your dog before a tooth-brushing session. The more tired he is, the less likely he'll fight with you."

To brush your dog's teeth, you want to squeeze some doggie toothpaste onto the brush.

Now, open your dog's mouth and gently rub the toothbrush against his teeth and gums. No need to make this a long, drawn-out process. Try to brush for about a minute or so. Make sure to talk to your dog in calm, soothing tones to assure him he's going to be just fine. If your dog is resistant, but allows you to brush his teeth even for a few seconds, reward him with praise or a treat and call it a day.

Try brushing your dog's teeth once or twice a week. Dogs learn through repetition. And the more often you brush his teeth, the quicker he'll learn to accept it.

Eventually, your dog will allow you to brush his entire mouth and he may actually start to enjoy it. His teeth and gums will be healthier and you can say goodbye to that stinky dog breath!

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