Fool-proof tips for grilling fish on the barbie -

Fool-proof tips for grilling fish

When you think about a barbeque, the first thing that comes to mind is beef and hot dogs. Then maybe chicken, and even turkey. But what about fish? Here are some fool-proof tips for cooking gills on the grill.

Three out of four American households own a barbecue. Expert fishmonger and chef Patrick "Paddy" Glennon says that's one of the best places to cook your seafood. But there are secrets to the perfectly grilled filet. It all starts with choosing the right fish.

"The top three fish for the grill are salmon, whether it be farmed or wild, tuna and swordfish," says Paddy. "Those three are always home-run hitters when it comes to grilling. They're 'steakier' styles of fish, they have a higher oil content, and they hold up well on the grill."

Paddy says, "Grilling is probably one of the most flavorful ways to cook salmon. Very simple. What we're going to do is just take our salmon, season it on both sides with salt and pepper." 

"Alright, I'm just going to take a little bit of olive oil and rub it. It's good also, instead of using olive oil, you can spread a little bit of mayonnaise real thin on your salmon filets. It will keep it from sticking to the grill," says Paddy.

"Okay, to make the cross-hatch on the grill, think of the grill as a clock, the lines as being 12 o'clock, and 6 o'clock. I have the salmon at 10 o'clock, now I'm going to move the salmon filet to 2 o'clock," instructs Paddy.

Be careful not to overcook the fish. It only needs about eight minutes total.

"The way you can tell the salmon is done is it's firm to the touch, and it even can be a little bit translucent inside," he says. "You don't want to see milky curds coming to the top of the salmon. That means the salmon's been completely overcooked. You'll sometimes see that coming out to your table in a restaurant. It's like the chef really missed his mark and overcooked your fish. Send it back!"

Paddy suggests serving salmon over a bed of kale and garnishing with a fresh cucumber and tomato salad.

"This makes a great dinner for two. I can tell you this leads to a lot of great romance at the end of the night, because this doesn't laden you down like a big ‘ole steak," says Paddy.

So remember Paddy's grilling tips: Pick a "steakier" fish, rub lightly with olive oil or mayo, use high heat and cross hatch the fish, and grill for eight minutes or less.

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