Getting your kids in the kitchen -

Getting your kids in the kitchen

Sometimes getting kids to eat their food is a challenge. They'd much rather play than sit down and eat their lunch. But, Zorianna Kit our ever-clever America Now tipster, shows us a remarkable way to keep your kids entertained – and fed at the same time!

"Sometimes my kids are bored with their sandwiches," says Zorianna. "Sometimes I like to give them some visual stimulation. We do in our house what we call 'cookie-cutter sandwiches.' And that's taking our cookie-cutters and making different shaped sandwiches, just to change it up."

All you need is...

  • Various and fun cookie cutter molds
  • Your favorite bread
  • Lunch meat and cheese slices or peanut butter or jelly... or just be creative!

It's actually a great way of getting your kids to make their own lunches. Because chances are, if they had a hand in making it, they'll actually have a hand in eating it. And your kids will be the most popular kids at lunchtime at school.

"Bread has always been a considered a food staple," says Zorianna. "But let's give it a little bit more credit than just being a carb. It's also a tool, and an efficient one at that!"

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