Tips for keeping your AC running smoothly -

Tips for keeping your AC running smoothly

Most people like keeping cool when it's warm outside, so here are some tips from an air conditioner expert to keep your AC running smoothly.

He recommends, during the summer, turn the air conditioner off when mowing your lawn. The unit tends to suck in grass clippings potentially causing problems in your outdoor unit.

"We can find a lot of the problems before they become serious problems and it'll help protect the unit itself," Ottoson said.

Also, try and keep the thermostat no more than 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature.

"If you have a 95 degree day outside and you have it set for 75 inside, you're running at peak performance, usually I keep mine at 78 degrees for the best economy," Ottoson said.

Ottoson says, to prevent future problems that can end up costing you almost a thousand dollars in repairs, have a year round service contract so that you don't have to worry about your AC breaking down on the hottest day of summer.

"Really can't stress how important it is to change the filters to keep them changed have the unit serviced once a year," he said.

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