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Add ginger and jicama to your veggie plate

Have you ever gone to the grocery store and noticed those strange-looking produce items sitting next to the potatoes and wonder what people do with them? Our food pro, Devin Alexander, is here to de-mystify jicama and ginger, and show you how to prepare them at home.

"We all know we need to fill our plates with veggies for fiber, vitamins and other nutrients," says Devin. "But do you get bored of eating the same vegetables over and over? There's a lot of things lurking in the produce section that are really under-used. Ginger is one of my favorite ingredients. It can add so much punch to salads and it's actually really easy to work with."

Devin peels away the tough skin of the ginger and grates it down to a fine substance.

"You want to make sure it's extra fine," says Devin. "One of my favorite uses is putting a little bit in a bottled salad dressing. It will make the dressing taste fresh – your friends will never think that you cheated. And just like that, you have a great salad!" 

Now for jicama.

"You can't eat the outer skin, so make sure and get it all peeled. Jicama has a really mild taste, but it's great because it'll add crunch to things. And it's really low in calories and sodium, and has plenty of vitamin C," says Devin.

Once you have it peeled, cut it like you would cut a carrot - in long, thin strips. It can have a starring role in your veggie platter because it won't oxidize, or turn brown, like a lot of other vegetables do.

Now that you have a general sense of ginger and jicama, feel free to experiment.

"The next time you see them you'll think, ‘Who'd have thought something so ugly could turn out to be so delicious?'" Devin finishes.

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