Tips for preventing a burglary -


Tips for preventing a burglary

When it comes to preventing home burglaries, prevention is the name of the game.

According to the experts, many burglars are opportunists who just drive around neighborhoods looking for the opportunity to steal.

For starters - you'd be surprised to know how many crooks get in a home by walking right though an unlocked door, so make sure you lock your doors.

When you're not home, leave a light or two on and a car parked in the driveway. It's deterrent projecting the image that someone is home when really everyone is gone.

If you can't afford a home security system, you may want to at least get one of those "protected by" signs and put that in your front yard.

And keep the shrubs underneath your windows trimmed. If they're overgrown, they could provide cover for a couple of burglars.

Pets like barking dogs - even small ones - can be noisy enough to send burglars packing.

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