How to make your own beauty mask -

Make your own beauty mask

In today's harried world, we seldom find the time to pamper ourselves, let alone our faces.  But our beauty expert, Jessica Metivier, has got an easy way to make a face mask at home....and it tastes as good as it feels!

"First, bananas are a great moisturizing agent," says Jessica. "Second, honey has amazing skin benefits, one of them being it's ability to act as a natural humectant. This means it helps to retain moisture in your skin. And third, yogurt contains lactic acid. And this acid is going to help exfoliate and smooth your skin."

First, mash one ripe banana in a bowl. Add two tablespoons of plain, unsweetened yogurt. Then, mix in a tablespoon of honey.

Although it smells good enough to eat, resist the urge and apply it to clean, dry skin. Then wait for about 15 minutes or until it's completely dry and rinse off with cool water.

"You'll immediately feel a soft, silky quality to your skin," says Jessica. "Taking great care of your skin always has been, and always will be my top beauty tip. Lucky for us, nature is packed with products that can help us with the process. So go ahead and turn your kitchen into a spa for a few minutes, and always take time to pamper yourself!"

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