Chocolate may decrease stroke risk in women -

Chocolate and stroke risk

Most of us have one everyday - a chocolate craving!

It may come after lunch, or mid-afternoon, when we start getting a little bit tired. Others want a taste right after dinner.

Either way, for woman at least, stop feeling completely guilty about that chocolate pick me up because it may be doing you some good.  

"The end result of this study is that women who ate more chocolate had a lower risk of stroke, we don't know why they had a lower risk of stroke, and that needs to be further investigated," said Dr. Javier Provencio of the Cleveland Clinic.

Researchers at the National Institute of Environmental Medicine in Sweden charted the effect of chocolate on 33,000 woman.

The results show that those women who ate the equivalent of two chocolate bars per week lowered their risk of stroke by about 20%.  

Dr. Provencio did not take part in the study, but he treats stroke patients at the Clinic. He says chocolate appears to have some health benefits, but like anything else, moderation is the key.

"For right now, it seems that chocolate is not bad it may be helpful, but it also has other things to consider such as weight gain and diabetes control and everybody should think about that carefully before indulging too much," said Dr. Provencio.

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