Study shows that minority kids are more "plugged in" -

Study shows that minority kids are more "plugged in"

Twelve-year-old Teah LeGrant deftly maneuvers through the world of technology at a dizzying pace, first with a Nook than a handheld gaming device.

Not to be outdone, her big brother Xavier talks and texts with no problems.

"The only time I really have time for it is on the weekends, whenever I'm not practicing," says Teah.

The two could be poster children for today's youth: Incredibly tech-savvy across all mediums.

But they're also the faces of a surprising new study that found minority kids spend more time plugged in than white kids.

In fact,  minority kids ages eight to 18 spend an average of 13 hours a day using mobile devices, computers, TVs and other media.

That's compared to the eight and a half hours white children spend plugged in.

Teah and Xavier's parents, Marvin and Cassandra LeGrant, were surprised at the results.

" Where do they find the time?" asked Cassandra. "I mean, with school work and all the other activities, where do they find the time to do it?"

The study cited unsafe neighborhoods, parents having more than one job and a lack of family time as possible reasons for the disparity.

That's why the LeGrants believe the responsibility lies with parents to set boundaries and create balance when it comes to technology.

"We don't allow our kids to have that much TV time or video game time," Cassandra adds.

By doing that, they've taught their kids that access to technology is a privilege….not a given.

"They have to maintain a certain grade point average in school and we make sure that we emphasize that," says Marvin. "And of course, we'll take it away!"

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