American workers giving up more vacation days -

More workers giving up vacation

Did you give up some of your vacation time at work? Well if you did, you're in some very good company.

The average American worker got 18 vacation days last year but only used 14 of them, according to a survey by Expedia.

That means Americans gave up 448 million earned vacation days. And considering the average annual salary of $39,000 works out to $67.5 billion worth of time!

Only 38 percent of Americans say they take all of their vacation days. And of course, there are lots of reasons for that.

Some say their bosses would not approve of them using all their time and others say they just can't afford to take vacations, either because of the money they'd spend on them, or the price they'd pay for missing that much time away from work.

Remember, with the reduction in head count at a lot of companies, a lot of us are doing the work of two or three people right now. A vacation could be a real setback in terms of workload.

Now compare our situation with that of French workers, who averaged a whopping 37 paid days off last year and used 35 of them. The average British worker got 28 vacation days and took 25.

And here's one other less-than-fun fact: Even when we do go on vacation, we don't really relax. In fact, statistics say 72 percent  of us check in with the office at least occasionally, if not every day.

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