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"Love Boat" can cause severe brain damage, death

"Love Boat" is a drug known to have caused severe brain damage and even death in its users.

"It's just that chemical imbalance in the head that pretty much makes you go crazy," said officer R. J. Evans.

The drug is marijuana dipped in formaldehyde, a toxic chemical, and set out to dry.  It can also be used in powdered form, sprinkled on marijuana, tobacco, or parsley, and then smoked.

According to John Dail, a drug prevention specialist, the onset of effects of the drug is rapid.  He says people who use Love Boat can fall into a coma or even die.

"I knew of a girl that used Love Boat once, a 14-year-old, and she ended up in a psychiatric ward for about a month after that," explained Dail.  "She still has to be on meds to this day and that's been over ten years ago.  It changes a person's brain chemistry."

One man who used the drug reportedly beat in the windows of an elderly woman's car. When officers responded to a 911 call, the caller described the man, saying he was running around completely naked.

When officers got to the scene the man would not cooperate with verbal commands. After being tased several times, he charged back at officers.

Officers said the tasing didn't seem to have an effect on him.

In this case, police say he showed the drug's classic signs.

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