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3 ways to avoid an afternoon slump

It's late afternoon and your energy is waning. You might think your body wants coffee, soda, candy, chips -- or all of the above! But America Now Wellness Expert Peggy Hall reveals what you're really craving -- and how to get it, without ingesting a single calorie.

"We're naturally prone to an energy dip in the late afternoon," explains Peggy. "That's because levels of cortisol, the 'wake-up hormone', start to decline."

But the problem with turning to caffeine and sugar, Peggy says, is they are temporary stimulants, which take you up and then drop you down with a crash.

Instead, Peggy recommends doing deep breathing exercises, which will give your body the oxygen and energy that it is really craving.

Here's one of Peggy's favorite moves, which was inspired by the legendary fitness icon, Jack LaLanne.

"Jack LaLanne Breath"

- Stand with your feet wide apart and toes turned out slightly.

- Reach your arms overhead as you inhale. Bend your knees and arch your back a little bit to further open your ribcage and expand your lungs.

- Exhale as you bend forward and reach your arms between your feet. Keep your knees bent to protect your back.

- Repeat in this manner five to seven times.

"This breathing exercise is perfect for getting you over the afternoon slump, because it increases circulation, relieves physical fatigue, gets blood flowing to the brain for more clarity
and oxygenates your entire body so you'll have plenty of energy for the rest of the day," says Peggy.

Worried about embarrassing yourself in front of co-workers? Invite them to join in!

Another option is to go for a brisk walk around the block, breathing deeply as you do so. Or, sip on peppermint tea or put on peppermint lip balm, which is a natural stimulant without any side effects.

"Your breath is the source of your energy, so keep it flowing throughout the day," Peggy adds.

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