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What do you advise is the best way to rehabilitate "frozen shoulder"?

Q: What do you advise is the best way to rehabilitate "frozen shoulder"?

I can't wait to get back in the water swimming and surfing. I don't have pain-free movement yet, although it has improved so much since I was initially symptomatic (about 2 months ago).   I feel I am close to being able to go surfing (and do yoga) but don't want to aggravate it. 

A: Actually the best thing for frozen shoulder is MOVEMENT!

What happens is adhesions/scar tissue start to limit the mobility/range of motion.

I like to do the "back stroke" move in a "warrior 2" position. Lunge onto one leg and rest your bottom elbow on your thigh, then take your arm with the frozen shoulder and circle it back 10 times. Do it on both sides to balance your body.

Just move through your own range of motion, trying to gently increase it each time. You might feel some resistance, but this is normal. Remember, you are trying to "defrost" the shoulder, so keep it warm and keep it moving!

The lie on the floor and take both knees to the left as you stretch your arms out from the shoulders like a "T", palms face up. Try to keep both shoulder blades on the floor. From there, you can do an arcing motion with your right arm (sweeping it down toward your hip then up toward your ear, keeping the back of the hand on the follow the entire time). Do it for about 1 minute then switch sides.

Down dog is also fabulous. I have a quick video clip that shows how to do down dog in my own unique style:

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