Healthy benefits of Badminton -

Healthy benefits of Badminton

Are you looking for a fun way to get some exercise?

How about a sport popular around the world that's gaining steam here in the states? It's suitable for children and adults of all ages, hardly costs a thing and can be played rain or shine.

A Badminton match consists of three games of 21 points each. The workout can be intense, but only as hard as you want to make it.

Enthusiast Richard Cheung says it's rare for a match to take more than an hour. "Badminton consists of a lot of footwork movements. There's a lot of stamina involved because the shots are really quick and the court is small, there's a lot of quick reflexes, hand and eye coordination."

The sport is fairly easy to pick up and appeals to people of all ages.

"We start training at 4 years old up to retired people 75 to 80 years old, still playing," says Cheung.

If you're interested in trying Badminton, you can buy a whole set - including rackets, birdies and net - for about $50.

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