The facts about male infertility -

The facts about male infertility

According to the Centers for Disease Control, one-third of infertility problems are caused by the women, while another one-third of infertility is due to the man.

Dr. Grant Patton, founder of the Southeastern Fertility Center in South Carolina, says infertility in men makes up nearly 40 percent of the cases he sees, and often times it is a problem with a man's sperm count.

Dr. Patton says a normal count should be at least 20 million to 100 million.

Men often get checked for fertility if their mate pushes them to be seen.  Patton says in order for infertility to be ruled out, it must be checked as a couple.

"Most importantly, the man should have more evaluation. He should have an endocrine test and see a urologist who's interested in infertility," says Patton.

There are several factors that could cause a man to be infertile.

Some of the biggest reasons could be lifestyle -- being overweight, or even smoking, which he says can lower pregnancy rate by 30 percent as well as heavy drinking. Even taking testosterone shots could cause a low count, while in other cases it could be due to blockage or genetics.

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