Are you a desperate dater? -

Are you a desperate dater?

Romantic comedies have always been one of Hollywood's biggest draws, and with good reason. Movie makers know how to make us laugh at even the most awkward aspects of love and romance … including the plight of the desperate dater.

A "desperate dater" is someone who wants to be in a relationship so badly that they push for a serious commitment way too soon. If you're a desperate dater, then you run a real risk of never finding true love.

"People know when a person is desperate for a partner. Their neediness comes across loud and clear. It says: 'I need to be cared for. You will make me happy.' That desperation says, 'It's all about me,'" explains Coach Marcia Brandwynne. "If you come off as needy, what you need is to do some serious soul-searching."

Dig deep and figure out why you feel so alone and why you're not enough for yourself. This may be a feeling you've had your whole life. But nobody can fill up the hole in your soul, so it's up to you to do the work necessary to fill it up yourself.

Work on the notion that you can be by yourself and be happy. Don't be afraid to do things on your own. There's nothing wrong with taking yourself to the movies.

Need a little break? Take a weekend trip, solo. Not only can it be fun, it'll give you an opportunity to get to know yourself even better.

"Start working on feeling comfortable in your own shoes," adds Coach Marcia. "Once you are, there's a good chance Mr. or Ms. Right will walk right into your life and stay there!"

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