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Website rates bad drivers

Sharing the road with drivers in many cities can be dangerous and deadly.  According to national data, more than 10 million accidents occur every year, resulting in thousands of deaths.

Many drivers blame those accidents on bad habits, and a new website gives them a place to vent their frustrations by taking them off the road and online.

Taylor Peck is the founder of, a website that lets you anonymously post a license plate number and rate a driver's habits with words, pictures or video.

"Basically, it's a non-violent outlet for people to log on and post reviews of other drivers," Peck said.

The site, which already boasts more than 100,000 driver reviews, rates drivers nationwide. But according to Peck, Memphis drivers particularly love sounding off online.  

"The Memphis, Tennessee area is one of our top-rated cities as far as the amount of traffic we get and the amount of reviews that drivers are posting about other drivers," he said.

The site's popularity may not be surprising, but the online reviews aren't all bad.  In fact, according to Peck, 40 percent of the reviews on his site are positive thoughts about other drivers.

"An off-duty police officer stopped on his way home from work and helped a woman change a tire in 100-degree heat," he read from one review.

But can a website change the rules of the road? Peck has high hopes.

"Let's stop having violent outbursts when it comes to road rage," he said. "Just go home, log on to the website, and leave a review."

Peck wants to serve as a wake-up call to drivers everywhere. To visit the site, click here:

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