Professional home organizer gives tips for clearing clutter -

Professional home organizer gives tips for clearing clutter

Linda Hastings of Elkmont, Ala. is enjoying a clean and organized home after winning a national contest for a home makeover sponsored by O-Cedar cleaning products.

Not many people can say they've had a celebrity in their house, and even fewer can say the celebrity then helped clean and organize, but Hastings is now in that small group of people.

"Since I've been off of work, I enter contests. Just from legitimate companies and O-Cedar had a contest and he was the prize," she said.

"He" is Peter Walsh, professional organizer and host of the OWN Network's "Enough Already!"

Walsh and a cleaning team helped Hastings sort, organize and clean her clutter in her home. Hastings admitted things did get a little out of hand.

"Part of it is our garage is falling down, so we've had to bring all of my husband's tools and car parts into the house," she said.

Hastings added that her nephew moving in and her arthritis also contributed to the mess.

Walsh said anyone can tackle their clutter in just three steps.

"The first thing we did was to clear everything off the [kitchen] counter, so that was one. Two, very common, a lot of the cupboards were just overflowing with stuff. So we opened every cupboard here in the kitchen and took out everything that was outdated or that she just didn't use. Then the third thing we did was put like things together, all the spices together, all the baking stuff together," said Walsh.

To maintain an organized space, Walsh said never say you'll do something later. Go through your home at least every six months and get rid of things you don't need and train your kids to do the same.

Hastings said she is taking that advice to heart.

"It's been miraculous," she said. "They're giving me a good start to keep it in an orderly fashion around here."

Hastings also won $1,000 in cash, cleaning products and supplies.

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