Saving money with mobile coupon apps -

Save money with mobile coupons

Want to save some money with your smartphone? It's possible now through a growing number of mobile coupon applications you can download right to your phone.

But are they useful?

We had Pam Koehler and Julie Schoolfield try them out. They are two ladies who love old-school coupon clipping.

"It's my goal to try and get an item for under a dollar," said Pam.

"I usually save about $20," said Julie. "I use them every time I go to the store."

They were excited to test the apps that could eliminate lugging their coupon binders around.

"How easy it would be to have one app with all the coupons on there!" said Pam.

Once you download the app, look for deals at nearby stores. Sometimes you can pull a coupon up with a barcode to be scanned right there. Other stores have you download the coupon onto the store's discount card through a code.

We had them try five different apps: Geopon, Cellfire, Yowza, Copious, and the Target application.

When it comes to favorites, the ladies liked the apps with the most deals.

Target was a big favorite because it sends shoppers a text to notify them coupons are available.

"I just pull it up and they scan it," said Julie.

"I love how it sends it to me when there actually is a coupon," said Pam.

The ladies also like Geopon.

"It gives you stores in alphabetical order so you just go there and see if there are any coupons," said Julie.

Apps that didn't do well only bombed because the stores included just weren't located close enough to our shoppers. You may want to check them all out to see which ones include stores close to you.

Pam and Julie say they love the concept, but will still continue to clip. However, they will use the mobile apps they like and hope the downloadable coupons are a wave of the future.

In fact, we've learned you should keep an eye out for new ones, because more stores have plans to participate due to the growing popularity.

"It's just a lot easier because I always have my phone," said Julie.  

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