How to detail your own car -

How to detail your own car

Time to clean out the inside of your car?

It might look intimidating, but Steve Strope says that detailing your own car is easy and can save you a lot of money.

"One of my favorite places to start is the interior," he says. "I just take my damp shammy that I dried the car off with, and wipe my surfaces down, my dash, my gauges, top of the steering wheel, just to get that top layer of dirt off. Real quick, real easy, and it helps maintain a clean surface."

If you have leather interior, you should be sure to keep it clean and conditioned to avoid cracked, dried-out seats.

"I'll quickly take some cleaner, we'll clean the surface, like washing your hands, get it clean. Then we take a conditioner, like your hand lotion, keep your skin from drying out, little on the rag, then we'll rub the conditioner in, work it into the pores of the leather, keep it nice and soft," says Steve.

Vacuuming is pretty straightforward and simple. What you may not know is it's also very important.

"Besides just keeping the area clean, all those pieces of dirt and little stones actually act like a sandpaper and will actually wear away your carpet and your seating. So make sure you do a quick vacuum every now and then to keep the areas clean," explains Steve.

Here are three basic tips on keeping your interior clean:

  • Keep the surface wiped down
  • Try and keep the leather conditioned
  • Make sure you vacuum every now and then

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