Keeping the "stick" in your lipstick -

Keeping the "stick" in your lipstick

Ever try applying a dark lipstick, only to have half of it smear off in a couple of hours? According to Jessica Metivier, the trick to keeping the "stick" in your lipstick is how you apply it in the first place.

"A lot of women are afraid of bright or dark lip colors," says Jessica. "While intense shades can be a little intimidating, the trick is in the application."

First, apply a little bit of concealer or foundation on your lips. Then apply your lip color of choice in a very thin layer to the entire lip.

"Next, apply some coordinating lip liner. If you've ever used lip liner or lipstick, you've probably noticed the liner tends to stay on a lot longer than the lipstick does," says Jessica. 

"We want to give your lipstick something to grab onto, to make sure that color is really there all day, so the trick to that is taking your liner and then you just want to feather in the rest of your lips," says Jessica. "Then use a lip brush to apply another layer to the entire lip and dust a little translucent powder along the outside edge of the lips."

Don't be afraid of dark, bright and bold lip color!

"As long as you keep the rest of your make-up really simple, don't hesitate to show off your lips, day or night," adds Jessica.

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