Dog braves traffic to feed her puppies -

Dog braves traffic to feed her puppies

For weeks, the two women who worked across the street just watched helplessly as the malnourished lab mix walked back and forth across a busy highway in Lenoir, North Carolina.

Juliann Biron and her friend finally decided they had to help.

They began to feed the dog. Then they started to take her food across the street. "We finally figured out she had puppies and that's what she was doing crossing the street, trying to feed her puppies," said Juliann.

Several people and surrounding businesses got involved in trying to catch her, but no one could ever find the puppies. Finally, the dog they named "Mamma" got close enough to catch. The worry was too great to let her continue to cross the street. They took her to a foster home three miles away.

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The next day, she dug out from under a fence and went right back to feeding her pups.

The women finally found the puppies, but two didn't survive. Now, Mamma and one of her puppies is looking for a home. The other puppy is already spoken for.

"We just need to find them good homes," said Juliann.

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