Geocaching leads couple to true love -

Geocaching leads couple to true love

Making a connection across the country is exactly what the goal of the glorified scavenger hunt "geocaching" is all about.

Geocaching is an outdoor activity in which players of the game rely on a GPS or another device to find coordinates in the woods posted on a geocaching website. Once participants arrive at the correct coordinates, they exchange objects usually inside of some kind of container that other players have left inside for the next group to use.

One North Carolina couple said the hobby changed their lives.

For Shana Westfall and Michael Cremer, it all started with a website. An online dating site, to be specific. However, they said more importantly, it was a geocaching website that brought them together.

"It's about the thrill of the hunt more or less than anything," said Westfall.

For three years, Westfall and Cremer have spent most of their weekends going on a geocaching mission.

To join in, one must simply go to the main site, type in his or her zip code and look for a new geocaching location that has been posted. Finally, they enter given coordinates into a handheld GPS.

Recently for the couple, the passion for the sport actually transformed into something a bit more personal: They had a geocache proposal.

"When I turned around, he was down on one knee behind me with the ring," said Westfall. "You know, typical girl, I cried."

The couple says the big day is going to be tried and true to their love for the sport.

"We want to make our wedding a geocaching event, so we can share it with all the people we've met through geocaching," said Westfall.

Westfall and Cremer said some of their geocache treasures they've left for people to find have made it as far as California.

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