How to fend off a kidnapper in your car -

How to fend off a kidnapper in your car

One of the worst situations a woman can be in - trapped by an attacker in her own car - almost happened to Cecelia Jones. Thankfully, some quick thinking saved her life. 

"I knew I wasn't leaving with them," she recalled. "I figured, ‘I rather you shoot me here than leave with you.'" 

She fought hard and managed to run away. 

Self-defense expert Greg Mayo can't stress it enough: You have to fight. So he shared a couple of easy-to-remember tricks to escape a car kidnapping. 

"When you're approached from behind, your elbow is your strongest weapon," he said. 

But what if the thug jumps in on the passenger side? 

Mayo said two hits, one with the palm heel of your hand in his face and then a closed hand punch to the head, should give you enough time to run like hell. 

To stay safe, the experts say it's not just about fighting. It's also about making sure you're not inviting. 

"Often times when women get in their cars, they have things to do, checks to write, emails to check, doing it all with the doors unlocked," explained Mayo. 

It's exactly what an attacker looks for: Someone unaware. 

Additional safety tips include always having Mace readily available and a "panic button." 

There's nothing like lots of noise from a panic button or wailing on your horn, like Cecelia did when she was attacked. 

A few smaller moves can mean a big save…of your life. 

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