The best diet plan for 2012 -

The DASH diet

If you're not a big fan of fad diets, the DASH diet might be the answer to your weight loss woes.

"Finally, we're seeing some diets promoted that actually have scientific weight and research behind them," said Lisa Cimperman, a nutritionist at University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio.

US News and World Report ranks the DASH diet the No. 1 best and healthiest diet plan of 2012. 
"DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stopping Hypertension," said Cimperman.

It makes sense, because it was actually developed to fight high blood pressure and cholesterol.

It's rich in vitamins and low in salt, sugar and fat. 

The DASH diet gives you guidelines for eating more:

  • fruits and vegetables
  • grains
  • limited lean protein
  • only occasional alcohol and sweets

"By making these changes, you're going to be cutting out all of those junk foods, fast foods and high-calorie foods that pack on the pounds," said Cimperman.

Weight Watchers was a very close second to the DASH diet, and the Mediterranean Diet ranked third for best diets.


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