How to chop an onion -

How to chop an onion

Whether rings, dices or slices, the onion is a powerhouse of flavor used in countless recipes. But if you're not cutting them properly, you could just be adding bitterness to your food.

Most chefs use the same technique for cutting onions. It's really simple -  you can do it, too!

"You want to start, assuming that you don't want rings, that would be the only exception, by cutting the onion in half across the stem," explains Chef Devin Alexander. "Once you have your two halves, you'll see that a flat surface is really important so you don't cut yourself. Then cut off just one end. Remove that, then you are ready to peel the onion." 

Peel off one layer of the onion, because that tends to be tougher then the rest. Make sure to leave an end intact - that will keep it nice and safe.
Next, you want to place your hand on top of the onion firmly so it's arched upward, not downward. That will put it in line to be cut.

Arch it up and then put a couple of slices about three quarters of the way, you'll notice that your fingers are not in the way - keeping your fingers arched upward.

Once you have those slices done, then you want to go lengthwise of it. And just like that, you have perfectly uniform pieces!

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