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Home remedy for head lice

Every year, an estimated six to 12 million people are infested with head lice. In fact, lice is the second leading communicable disease affecting school children, after the common cold.

Having head lice in the family is enough to send anyone into a panic. Who wants to deal with those special chemical shampoos and all that combing? It's unpleasant and stressful for everyone involved.

"I, for one, am nervous about growing research that says some lice shampoos contain pesticides that can be toxic if overused. When it comes to my family, I've got to keep things safe," says Tipster Zorianna Kit.

Luckily, there is a simple preventative ingredient that's easy to get and if you use it regularly, you'll never have to worry about lice again.

It's called tea tree oil.

While it's all natural, it's toxic to some animals and is actually a deterrent to lice. While it's not a cure for lice, if you do use it, it will keep them away.

So how do you use it for yourself or your children? Easy. Once a week, instead of your regular shampoo, shampoo your hair with tea tree shampoo and conditioner. Or you can also just use tea tree oil and add a few drops to your existing shampoo.

"I create my own anti-lice tea tree oil spray by mixing a few drops with plain old tap water," says Zorianna. "A few times a year, my child's school sends a note saying that lice is going around. I immediately go into anti-lice patrol mode and do a tea tree wash nightly instead of weekly."

"And before the girls head off to school or to overnight play dates, I lightly mist their hair with it to add an extra layer of protection against those pesky critters," adds Zorianna. "I've been doing this as a preventative for years, and my girls have never had lice."

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