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Bounce house blows away

Colorful bounce houses and jumping castles are often the highlight of kids' parties and family events. But increasingly, these inflatables that allow children to defy gravity are themselves going airborne -- turning even the most fun party into a nightmare.

If you bring your child to a party and there's a bounce house, you want to make sure that it's properly anchored. It's important for the bounce house to be on a flat surface, since this will prevent the unit from tipping over while kids are playing inside.

Most importantly, you should never use a bounce house in high winds, no matter how well it's anchored. If you feel winds are getting very strong, watching out to see if trees are moving vigorously,this is typically a good sign to stop the inflatable and get kids away from it.

There are three critical safety features built into most bounce houses, but you should always perform your own security check:

  • Make sure that the inflatable has safety rules and clear directions as to how the unit should be operated.
  • Make sure it has a large enough entrance and exit for riders to enter and exit out should an emergency occur.
  • Make sure your inflatable has netted windows, to provide ventilation, and also providing operator or parent supervision as the kids are playing inside.

Additionally, all inflatable manufacturers stress the importance of adult supervision, especially to insure that larger kids never play inside with smaller children whom they could accidentally crush. 

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