Make your own pizza -

Make your own perfect pizza

Love take-out pizza, but don't want the restaurant calories or prices? Our food pro, Devin Alexander, shows how to make the perfect low-fat pizza at home with a couple of tools the pros use… guaranteed to turn your kitchen into an irresistible pizzeria!

"A pizza stone is designed to crisp your pizza like you would in a brick oven, but you do it at home. When you buy one, you want to get one that's nice and thick. The thinner ones tend to crack. So getting that thick one is worth the investment," says Devin.

You start by placing your cold stone in a cold oven. Then you pre-heat them together to 500 degrees. If you place the cold stone in a hot oven, it could crack. Then, you're ready to make your pizza.

"Now you want to have a pizza paddle handy. Or you can use a cookie sheet if it doesn't have an edge," says Devin. "I prefer to use a whole wheat crust. It adds nutrition and fiber, and it tastes just as great."

Next, sprinkle on corn meal to keep the dough from sticking. Transfer the dough to the peel, and then reshape it slightly if you need to. It's very important to test that the pizza moves. If it doesn't, then you don't want to top it yet -- you want to add a little more cornmeal.

"Next we add the cheese topping. I use a lite mozzarella. I try to get one with as little as 2.5 grams of fat," says Devin. "I love meat on my pizza, so I use turkey pepperoni and 13 slices have only four grams of fat."

Cook the pizza for eight to 10 minutes until the crust is nice and crisp, and the toppings are melted.

You'll have a perfect pie every time!

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