Your daily vitamin dose -

Your daily vitamin dose

What could possibly be wrong with popping a pill (or two or three) every day in order to safeguard your health?

According to America Now wellness Expert Peggy Hall, if you're taking synthetic, drugstore multi-vitamins, you could be doing more harm than good!

Most inexpensive drugstore vitamins contain processed, artificial ingredients, additives, colors, fillers -- even sugar.

Also, vitamin pills or tablets are hard to digest, can cause nausea and are often eliminated by your body without even being absorbed.

"That means you really are flushing your money down the toilet," Peggy says.

Most vitamins contain isolated nutrients and are missing fiber and other micro-nutrients. The other problem Peggy warns against is that taking vitamins gives you a false sense of security, so you might be less concerned about eating a healthy diet.

Peggy recommends instead that you spend your money on organic or local produce (instead of vitamins) for the most nutrition and bang for the buck.

"Don't rely on pills and powders for proper nutrition," Peggy advises. "Instead, try to get most of your nutrients with healthy, wholesome food as found in nature."

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