Vitamins boost classroom achievement -

Vitamins boost classroom achievement

Looking to help your child get an academic edge? You may want to check their dinner plate.

Certain vitamins and minerals have been linked to improved academic performance in youngsters. B vitamins like folic acid are key to enhanced mental function and can be found in a variety of food sources.

Kristin Kirkpatrick is a Cleveland Clinic Registered Dietitian.

"You can find folate in lentils, prepared cereals, any kind of bean product. And the nice thing with the beans is that it also provides fiber," says Dr. Kirkpatrick.

Beans, along with asparagus, broccoli and spinach, are chock full of this essential vitamin. Researchers have also noted a correlation between iron intake and high grades.

Iron deficiencies in children can lead to tiredness and lack of concentration. Kirkpatrick says you can find this mineral in eggs, poultry and leafy greens, not just red meat.

Another way to give the brain a boost is to add a little more zinc to your student's diet.

"Zinc is another one where we have found increased academic performance," says Kirkpatrick. "Zinc is going to be found in your child's fortified cereal."

This mineral also occurs naturally in brown rice, oatmeal and milk. Zinc makes you think by helping memory and focus.

Ideally, kids should get their vitamins from a balanced, healthy diet but a multivitamin is also something to consider. Kirkpatrick recommends speaking to your family's pediatrician if you're concerned your child isn't getting enough nutrients.

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