The art of eyebrow shaping -

The art of eyebrow shaping

Making eye contact matters, but leaving a lasting impression is even more important.

Eyebrows frame your eyes and your face, and our beauty expert, Jessica Metivier, shows how to tweeze, arch and extend them to your advantage.

"If your eyes are the windows to your soul, don't they deserve an amazing brow to compliment them? Let me teach you a few basics that will leave you perfectly groomed," says Jessica.

Start by looking at the placement of the perfect brow. Taking a pencil to the side of your nose and going straight up to the tear duct, you'll find the starting point. The arch should start around the outside of the iris.

Placing the pencil on the side of your nose, angling up towards the outer corner of the eye, and the opposite corner of your mouth, you'll have the perfect ending point.

"I have two tips for you when filling in your eyebrows," says Jessica. "For brunettes, you want to go about a shade lighter, and for blondes, you want to go a shade darker. I also like to fill in the brows first, that way you have a shape before you start tweezing, so you don't over-tweeze, and try to fill in what you messed up later."

Use small strokes to mimic brow hairs and to avoid curving down at the arch – otherwise you'll just wind up with a semi-circle! Once you can see the shape you want, start to tweeze any stray hairs that linger outside of it.

"Finally, using a clean mascara wand, brush through the brows to soften any harsh lines and create the most natural effect possible," adds Jessica. "Nothing opens up the face and makes you look more polished than beautifully groomed brows. Pay them a little attention, and I guarantee your eyes will get noticed more!"

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