More homeowners buying surveillance equipment to stay safe -

More homeowners buying surveillance equipment to stay safe

As more and more crimes and break-ins are reported, police say they're able to make more arrests thanks to surveillance images. The images have come a long way over the past few years, leading to more arrests.

"The definition and the clarity and everything has gotten much better," said Shaun George with First Choice Protection.

He's been in the business of selling surveillance and security devices for more than a decade and says the cameras are getting smaller, and the demand is getting larger.

"Especially in the last couple of months. There's been a lot of crime going on, a lot of break ins," George explained.

Those gadgets, however, aren't just for businesses anymore; as the price falls, more homeowners are keeping an extra eye out.

"Three of four years ago to put a surveillance system in your house would cost you thousands and thousands of dollars. Only the rich people were doing it. Now it's very affordable," he said.

And it's becoming mobile, too. Video feeds can be watched on smart phones and can be viewed anywhere in the world.

"If you're on vacation and something happens, your alarm goes off, ADT calls you can look and see what's going on and you can view and review stuff," George said.

A system can go for less than $1,000. Gone are the days of VCRs recording the feed; today's surveillance images are stored on hard drives and are often saved for up to a year.

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