The fish tail braid -

The flirty "fish tail" braid

A"fishtail" braid is a fun twist on the traditional French braid. Beauty Expert Jessica Metivier says "it's a little more grown up and a little edgier."

Instead of three pieces like you usually do, you'll use only two.

Once you divide your hair in two sections, simply take a small piece from the back of one of them, and bring it over the front and around the opposite section.

Then, do the same on the other side, alternating from one side to the other.

Keep the pieces really thin, just to get the full effect of the braid. Continue taking pieces from alternating sides and bringing them over, creating a "fish tail" effect. 

"This twist on a classic look does take a little longer to do, but I promise you, it's worth it," says Jessica. 

Now that you're done braiding, secure the end with a hair tie. If you have a lot of little baby hairs or fly aways, try spraying a little hairspray onto your hands to smooth them back.

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