Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy -

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

Cindy Cartmell says after hitting age 40, she found that her energy levels, sleep patterns and weight made huge shifts in the wrong direction.
"I had gone to my doctor, I had talked to my obstetrician a number of times over the year and just really could not find the key to success," said Cartmell.

That was until she met with Dr. Bright McConnel - he specializes in targeting a women's hormonal changes by taking a detailed evaluation of the patient through bloodwork and other tests and by using bio-identical hormone replacement therapy medication.

So what does bio-identical mean? It's when the chemical structure of the hormone that you are replacing is identical to what your body normally would have produced.

Dr. Bright says studies have shown that this therapy, along with vitamin supplements, provides the same hormones that may have been lost due to aging. And patients don't experience the adverse effects that some women may experience with synthetic hormones.

He says another plus with BHRT is that getting hormone levels on track opens the door to losing weight and keeping it off. "If weight loss is the goal, then optimizing that makes a significant difference in terms of their success rate in losing weight and maintaining the weight loss."

Cartmell is a firm believer after shedding more than 30 pounds two years ago, and she has continued to maintain it. In fact, she says, "I feel like I'm 25 or 30 years old now."

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