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Feng shui your figure

Could the secret to lasting weight loss be found in your closet?

America Now Wellness Expert Peggy Hall explains that if you have a whole wardrobe of different sizes, such as jeans that are too small that you hope to fit into one day -- and clothes that are too large, just in case you gain weight, these ill-fitting clothes could be keeping you stuck from creating --and keeping -- the shape you're after.

Here's why:

#1: Clothes affect your feelings.

"Every time you go into your closet and you see those clothes that are too small, your heart sinks a little bit, doesn't it? They are a reminder of pounds you didn't lose, diets that failed you, exercise programs you didn't stick with," says Peggy. "Why surround yourself with reminders like that?"

As for the too-large clothes?

"It's as if they are taunting you to loosen up, since you'll still be able to zip up you pants even if you gain weight," Peggy says. "This makes it harder for you to see yourself as the size and shape you desire." 

Another problem with keeping clothes that don't fit is that they take up valuable closet space, making you feel crowded and cluttered!

#2: Closet clutter drains your energy.

"Having a crowded closet with clothes in disarray, sliding off hangers, facing different directions, pants mixed in with tops, jackets and dresses sends a signal to your brain of being overwhelmed," Peggy explains.  "That means every time you look into your closet, instead of feeling uplifted and infused with optimism and possibility, you feel heavy and overburdened. Much easier to just head into the kitchen for a snack, right?"

Instead, Peggy recommends that you take a few hours to clear out the clutter. Hang things in order, maybe investing in some color-coordinated hangers. Now when you go into the closet, you'll like what you see and feel less stressed about it.

#3: The key to making peace with your body shape and size is to wear clothes that FIT and FLATTER you right now.

Peggy says you should clear out your closet of anything that doesn't currently fit. What if you feel guilty because of the money you spent on these clothes or because you got some of them as gifts?

She notes that the money was already spent, and the sentiment of the gift still remains.

"Focus on the people who can benefit from the clothes you are going to donate," she says. "And as the adage goes, 'Out with the old, in with the new' -- you can't make way for the new, stylish clothes until you get rid of the ill-fitting clothes!

Here's the secret: Once you start feeling better, you're more likely to treat yourself better, which includes eating well and being active.

"Wearing clothes that fit and flatter is the first step in boosting your self-confidence and well-being and could be the turning point to motivate you to take positive action in your eating and exercise," Peggy concludes.

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