Daycare for your dog -

Daycare for your dog

For many, our dogs are like our children. And you wouldn't leave your child at home alone all day unattended. So why would you do it to your dog?

Some dog owners are turning to dog daycare centers to take care of their dogs while they're at work.

"If you're like me, you have to go to work every day. But while you're at work, your dog is probably sitting at home with free reign of the house or sitting in his crate. Dog daycare is a great way to prevent your dog from becoming bored, anxious or destructive if you need to leave him unattended for hours at a time," says Pet Pro Luciano Aguilar.

Facilities are generally designed with spacious play areas where dogs can run and play in a controlled environment that's fun and safe for them.

Interaction with other dogs is a big benefit of dog daycare. Dogs are pack animals by nature, so it gives your dog a place to socialize and learn how to communicate and get along with other dogs -- just like young kids at daycare. High-energy dogs will run off some steam and enjoy playing with other dogs for hours.

Low-energy dogs get the opportunity to lounge and play with toys. Some daycare facilities even provide comfortable furniture and TV's for dogs to watch to make them feel more at home.

Human interaction is another important benefit of dog daycare. Staff members will engage your dog throughout the day, petting and playing with him, giving him just the kind of attention you would give him if you both were at home.

The cost of dog daycare ranges anywhere from $8 to $35 a day, depending on services provided. Some facilities offer a half-day rate.

"Dog daycare gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your dog is safe and supervised while you're at work," says Luciano. "And at the end of the day, you'll be picking up a dog who's had a stimulating day of his own and is ready to go home, have some dinner and relax. Just like you!"

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