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Woman hopes to keep cursive writing alive

People turn to Craigslist.org when they're looking for jobs, items for sale, a new place to live, and sometimes even a date.  One North Carolina woman wants to make sure kids and adults still know a vital skill, and is offering classes in cursive writing.

"A couple of years ago, I heard a grandmother say her granddaughter couldn't read something she gave to her to read that was written in cursive and she was appalled - and so was I," said Christina Russell who wants to do something about the lost art.

With computers and electronic devices replacing pen and paper, more and more people are turning away from cursive writing.  Many people don't even remember how to write certain letters in the writings style.

Some say they feel awkward writing in cursive and that they feel sloppy so they just stick with print writing.  Other said they feel like more people are taking notes on iPads and cursive writing doesn't really matter when you're sending an email.

Some schools in other parts of the country have stopped teaching cursive altogether.

"I think everybody should know how to write in different ways and different styles and read cursive writing," said Russell who says the style is elegant and appealing to the eye.

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