Keeping the clutter out of your home -

Keeping clutter out of your home

Do you have clutter sitting around your house? Turns out - Americans spend 9,000,000 hours a day looking for lost items. Here's how cleaning up and organizing your home can save you time and money.

The National Association of Professional Organizers say clutter can cost families hundreds - if not thousands - of dollars every year. Here's how they figure that amount.

If you have so much stuff that it doesn't fit in your garage or attic, and you need to rent a storage unit, you'll be paying big bucks. In fact, the average annual cost for a storage unit is $2,000. And according to the storage industry, 10% of families rent storage units. Some of those people do need a storage unit for a short amount of time - say if you're in the middle of a move - but many of those people rent them just for clutter.

Another hidden cost of clutter - buying doubles of things because you couldn't find the original one. And there's the loss of productivity for the time you spend looking for lost items.

Beyond that - if your clutter is near where you pay your bills, that could cost you in late fees. Credit Card companies will make $7 billion in late fees this year alone.

Then there are the folks that lose track of their tax refunds. Hundreds of millions of dollars in Federal refunds expire each year because taxpayers didn't claim their refund within the three years allowed.

To get organized - start now! Tackle what bugs you the most, and if you don't know where to start, think about hiring someone to help you. There are professionals out there that can help, and they're a bargain considering what the cost of clutter is doing to your wallet.

And a side note - another reason to get rid of clutter is your health! It's best to clean up any stacks of newspapers or piles of books, papers or magazines in open spaces because they collect dust. And just one gram of dust can contain up to 500 dust mites, and that isn't good for your respiratory system.

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